2012 November

Crystal Pixel 2012 Computer Game Awards Jury

Crystal Pixel 2012, Best Local Computer Games Awards was held on November 23,2012 in Ankara. The games listed below were announced as the winners. – Jury Special Awards • Agent Surefire: Insider Threat – HRİKa Çözümler – İstanbul • Ceiron Wars: Origins – Ceidot Game Studios – Ankara • Kasap Havası – Zibumi Oyun Geliştirme Stüdyosu – Ankara […]

ATMM 2012 Conference

ATMM (Audio Technologies for Music and Media) is an interdisciplinary conference that focuses on the various aspects of audio, audiovisual and music technologies for music and media, and, also, on the relationship between sound, music and image, in both ‘traditional’ and ‘new’ media. http://atmm-conference.org/   THE ROLE OF SOUND AND MUSIC IN FILM AND COMPUTER GAMES: […]

An Experimental Demonstration on How Sound and Music Can Change the Spirit of Film

THE ROLE OF SOUND AND MUSIC IN FILM AND COMPUTER GAMES: AN EXPERIMENTAL DEMONSTRATION OF HOW TWO DIFFERENT STUDIES OF SOUND AND MUSIC PRODUCTION CAN CHANGE THE SPIRIT OF A SHORT FILM. (Paper has been published at ATMM 2012 Conference on November 2012) Tolga Tem* Abstract:   “Films are fifty percent visual and fifty percent […]