2015, Sep.    “Turkish Music from Past to Present”, School of Music, Ward Hall, Lipscomp University, Nashville TN

2015, May.   “East Meets West: Music of Modern Turkish Republic”, Guest Lecturer. Tennessee Consortium for International Studies, Department of Music, Tennessee State University. Presented at: Atilim University,

2014  “Art of  Film Scoring ”, seminar was given at Akdeniz University, Departmet of  Music & Fine Arts

2014  “Art of  Film Scoring ”, seminar was given at Bilkent University, Departmet of  Media & Design

2014  “Art of Film Scoring”, seminar was given at Baskent University State Conservatory

2013  “International Hisarli Ahmet Symposium ” , Published “Learning to Change, Changing to Learn” (E-Learning and Music) at Department of Fine Arts, Dumlupinar University

2013  “Composing Music for Visual Media“, Conference given at, Department of Music, Yasar University

2013   “Composing Music for Visual Media “, Conference given at, A.K.Department of Music Education, N.E. University.

2013  “Music for Film and Video Games, Eastern and Western Approaches“, Conference given at, Music Department, Tennessee State University, Nashville TN

2013  “Music for Film and Video Games, Eastern and Western Approaches”, Conference given at, Newcomb Department of Music, Tulane University, New Orleans LA

2012 ATMM 2012 Conference (Audio Technologies for Music and Media), Published in the conference at Department of Communication and Design, Bilkent University.

2012 Working as a Sound Designer or Composer in the Field, seminar given at Game Tecnologies, Middle East Technical University.

2011 Music and Sound Production in Games, presented at Middle East Technical University.

2011 Sound Production and Development, Sound Folley for Games, workshop given at Game Technologies, Middle East Technical University.

2010 Composing Music for Media with Computers, workshop given at Composition Department, Baskent University.

2010 Falcon 4.0, Military Flight Simulation Game and Virtual Squadrons, presented at Modeling and Simulation Society, Middle East Technical University .

2010 Hardware to use in Field Recording and software in Sound Editing, presented at Musicology Department Hacettepe University.

2002 Computer aided Ear Training: Aural Dictation Can be Practised Invidually, doctoral research presented at Music and Performing Arts Faculty, Bilkent University.



2013 Crystal Pixel Awards Jury, JW Marriot Hotel Ankara

2013 Fusion 2013 Desire2Learn Conference, Marriott Copley Hotel, Boston MA.

2012 Optimum Balance Model Training, Houston Hotel, Ankara

2012 Crystal Pixel Awards Jury, JW Marriot Hotel Ankara

2012 IEEE Signal Processing Society, Summer School on Game Audio at Middle East Technical University. Program includes: Spatial hearing and 3D audio” (Em Prof Dr Jens Blauert, RUB); “Game audio programming with Wwise” (Mr Simon Ashby, Audiokinetic); “Sound synthesis for computer games” (Dr Xavier Serra, UPF)

2012 Focusing with your body, workshop given by Panda van Proosdij, the movement coach of the Netherlands Children and Youth Choir at Hacettepe University.

2012 The joyful way to ear-train children, workshop given by Wilma ten Wolde, the conductor of Nederlands Children and Youth Choir at Hacettepe University

2007 SOUND 07 Istanbul/Turkey 2007 Professional Sound and Music Technologies and Instruments Expo

2003 Sound Expo London/ UK Sound & Music Industry