Areas of Expertise as an Educator:

Composition, Harmony, Music Theory, Song Writing, Ear Training, Computer Music and Piano


Music Technology, Game Audio, Music and Sound Production for Games



GATE 724 – Music and Sound Production for Games


Film Scoring, Composing Music for Visual Media

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Joyful Way to Ear Train Children, Coaching and Conducting the Choir

choir2 choir

Orman Sevgisi (The Bird That Loves the Forest) composed by: Tolga Tem

2012    Workplace / Student Coaching Certificate Erickson College International,

2012    Manager / Educator as a Coach Certificate Erickson College International,

This training teaches some methods to managers/teachers to help their employees / students clarify their own complications, by only reflecting their own words on a clear page as a coach who is directing the conversation by remaining at a neutral position. These methods replaces confusions with positive awareness which will also encourages them to use their own problem solving abilities.

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