GATE 724 – Music and Sound Production for Games, Middle East Technical University

This course is given in the  Game Technologies Program, Information Institute, Middle East Technical University. These graduate students are the future game designers or developers In this course they learn about the aesthetics of sound production and the art with related techniques and practice. At the end, they are expected to have the perspective of a sound designer or a composer. All music and sound effects were collected from free sample sources over the internet or from any other game for academic study. 




An Introduction Video which overviews the course in 2014:

The Course Webpage:

Example Project Report of  Students by Irem Gokce AYDIN

Examples of Sound Editing Projects of the Students:

These are some of the classwork of the students in GATE 724 – “Music and Sound Production in Games” Course, in METU. Students worked on the same video which consists of computer game scenes without an audio channel. They have produced all sound and sound effects by using the knowledge from the course.

2012 Projects

2013 Projects

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