“Optimum Balance Model” Training


The Optimum Balance Model is a simple model of life which is combined of philosophy, self improvement and psychotherapy. “This model resulted from the lack of NLP” says Dr. Tamer Dovucu who is an NPL Instructor. He continues as: “I have developed this model since 2002 to get the big picture. This model tells that people should be in balance generally but there must be an optimum in this balance. Essentially the model is based on something as simple. There is a structure in root of everything which is called as ”order & disorder”. When you look at the cybernetics basically  you see as follows. There is order or disorder in the nature. The second axis is also about adapting to it. So, you can adapt or you can’t on it…”

Also, as another outcome of this theory, it is still being developed to be used in education. This method helps students to learn easier and quicker which also brings stabilized learning. Currently this model is used in Neurolinguistic Language Learning in English and it will be adapted to Math, Science and Arts Education.

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